On your first visit Jon Baylon MPT, our Director of Physical Therapy will perform a detailed evaluation, including differential diagnosis, analysis of your posture, balance, movement, gait, and functionality. An individual program is created in accordance with the doctor’s diagnosis, our evaluation, and what fits your abilities and lifestyle. Jon will render your care from the first visit thru your last visit.. Most appointments require a minimum of 60 minutes but may be slightly longer, depending upon your abilities. An accompanying exercise plan is prescribed to enhance and hasten the patient’s rehabilitation and will be performed under Jon’s supervision.Patient education is a critical component in arriving at a functional and pain-free lifestyle. Jon will spend a good deal of time teaching the patient how to maximize their recovery rate by providing a comprehensive home exercise program. Your doctors are advised by phone calls or reports on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of your progress.

We also provide a full array of audiology services with Dr. Jaime Goldfarb-Taylor Au. D. CCC-A. Dr. Taylor has extensive experience with hearing aids, comprehensive hearing tests, performing videonystagmography (VNG) testing for balance, and auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing. She has earned a specialty certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy through the American Institute of Balance (Dr. Richard E. Gans, Ph.D.), and is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Carteret Physical Therapy is incorporating the latest and most reliable scientific research and techniques into an effective evidence based practice and is the cornerstone of our success. Patients who come into our office know that they are receiving the highest standard of care, because our physical therapist works with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to get you back into shape quickly and safely. This is a team challenge and you are the key member of the team.