About Us

Our Strength

J.J. Baylon, MS MPT, our Director of Physical Therapy is a board certified physical therapist with over 23 years of clinical experience. Our office opened in 1983 as Carteret Chiropractic Center by Dr. Mark Goldfarb, who still owns and operates the practice. Our staff takes great pride in offering exceptional services to our patients. We utilize the state-of-the-art equipment and evidence based research to progress our patients in an accelerated and safe manner.

We treat each patient as an individual and treat the whole person, with a plan of care designed to meet the patient’s set goals for health, functionality and a return to work, tasks and activities. We network with a team of physicians, chiropractors, audiologists, and massage therapists in order to provide guidance to other modalities that may be effective in the patients’ care. We supplement our manual treatments with home exercise routines, nutritional recommendations, daily living recommendations as well as referrals to any other providers as needed. We maintain a health-positive environment that the patient is actively involved in. This is the best way for you to heal quickly and safely, when we work together with you, not just on you.

Our Vision

We strive to help every patient regain their health and independence by carefully applying knowledge and techniques gained from the latest scientific research available, to create a program specifically suited to their needs.